Your golf cart fleet service and support

Golf Cart Group have partnered with Komatsu Forklifts Australia and other local qualified service agents to provide scheduled golf cart services, accident repairs and warranty service to your Golf Cart fleet.

When you begin a rental program with Golf Cart Group, we will introduce a fully qualified technician as your key golf cart services person. The tech is provided with fast moving and accident repair parts from day one, so turn around times are kept to an absolute minimum.

Your golf course is also provided with an opening stock of support parts to keep on-site, including brake parts, wheel bearings, steering components, fuses, windscreens and spare wheels / tyres so you don’t have to sideline a cart because of a small mishap.

You can order your carts with 1,2, 3 or 4 annual services. A detailed report is provided to course management so you can get the best out of your fleet. We also request authorisation for our field service tech to call in on a random basis to check on daily maintenance, battery charging and cart rotation. A report is also provided to the course super or cart management team.

Golf Cart Services

Komatsu Forklifts Australia

Golf Cart Services

Local service provider

Golf Cart Services

Comprehensive parts supply

Ongoing maintenance support

Even the best golf carts need some daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. While we provide quality golf cart services we can’t be on course every day.

Golf Cart Group provides training and support for your cart managment team and our field service techs will run through an approproate maintenance and cart rotation schedule to ensure you are getting the best from your fleet.

Our officially licenced Ford Golf Carts are fitted with commercial quality single point watering systems. We offer golf course fleet operators inline deionisers and

water trolleys to make regular battery maintenance as efficient as possible.

We provide parts on a sale-or-return account basis to our golf cart fleet customers. This ensures any minor accidents or mishaps, such as a broken windscreen or a flat tyre incur minimal cart down time.

If it’s more serious our partnership with Komasatsu and our field service agents ensures a damaged cart is repaired swiftly, charging parts and labour to the course at trade rates so there is margin for the course when on-charging damage repairs to the golfer responsible.

Golf Cart Services

Your Golf Cart Group fleet includes:

  • Built in onboard battery charger
  • Daily maintenance schedule
  • Commercial quality single-point watering system
  • Fleets of over 18 carts include a water deioronizer and water cart*
  • Local service support

Supporting your fleet

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