About Golf Cart Group

Our Vehicles

The full 32 model range of Ford golf carts and golf cart based electric vehicles are available in Australia exclusively through the sole Australian Distributor GCG Distribution Pty Ltd (trading as Golf Cart Group) and dealers-resellers appointed by Golf Cart Group. (Regional Customers: if you would like to request your new Ford golf cart based electric vehicle/s to be delivered to a local Ford car dealership please advise us here.)

The Officially licensed range of Ford golf cart and golf cart derivative vehicles includes short, medium and long wheel base versions with utility trays, Pantech bodies and multi-seat passenger configurations.

The range includes special purpose vehicles, golf cart medicab medical support vehicles for sporting grounds and stadiums, specialised hospitality golf cart based vehicles for hotel-motel laundry and housekeeping services, multi passenger 4 and 6 seat resort and people mover golf carts.

Our specialised golf cart based vehicles can be supplied with special modifications for aged care and hospital patient transport.

Insulated Pantech bodies for food and beverage transport, specialised ladder racks, cleaning and spraying applications, movie and camera fittings. Our golf cart based vehicles can be customised to suit a thousands applications. (If you have a specific or unique requirement please enquire here.)

The utility range of golf cart based vehicles are available in 3 wheel base versions, long, mid and short wheel base. An electric or hydraulic tip tray option is available on the mid and long wheel base versions.

All of our commercial application golf cart based vehicles are available in standard or high clearance configurations.

Other options include, lithium battery pack, on or offboard fast charging, most models are available with 4 wheel hydraulic brakes, tyres can be ordered for off road or hard wearing tarmac tyres. Safety glass windscreen with electric wiper, seat belts and harness options, tow bar, amber beacon light, LED lights, headlights, GPS tracking systems, remote vehicle shut down,

Our traditional golf carts are available in 4 specific models. Our fleet golf cart is only available in fleets of 6 or more carts to golf course operations. Fleet operators please click here.

Our Lynx golf cart is keenly priced no nonsense golf cart with AC motor, 4 wheel coil suspension maintenance free batteries and onboard charger. Our Miami Golf cart is packed with features including lighting package, alloy wheels and multiple choice colours. The Ford XRe Golf cart is the last word in high performance feature loaded golf and resort transport with Lithium batteries, 8 inch touch screen localised GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth, 4 wheel disc brakes and wild colour options.

Our Experience

With over 15 years’ experience supplying golf carts and golf cart based vehicles to  leading golf courses, major airlines, shopping centres, resorts, government departments and the military we have a comprehensive depth of experience.

Our Service

We have built our reputation on customer support. We have an Australia wide service agreement with Komatsu Forklifts Australia. Komatsu provide our corporate, government and business customers with on-site service including scheduled servicing, warranty and accident repairs.

Komatsu Technicians are trained on Ford electric vehicles and where possible they carry support parts in the service vans and have the specialised diagnostic equipment.

All customers are allocated special ID access to a Golf Cart Group service support advisor to ensure any issue, large or small is processed efficiently.

Our Warranty

All Ford golf carts are covered by the most comprehensive bumper to bumper warranty in the industry. Obviously, terms and conditions apply to vehicles used in overly harsh environments and there are some requirements around vehicle maintenance. For specific warranty details please enquire here.

Our Finance Lease Hire and Rental

Businesses, ABN holders, government deptartments only. Unfortunately, we do not offer finance or rental to private users.

Assistance with a full range of finance, hire and rental options. Our  rent with option to buy product is unmatched in the industry. Approved customers can rent with the option to buy at the end of the rental period at the written down market value, without any expensive interest costs.