To Rent or to Hire

Rental is for longer term use and when combined with a buy option can compare very favorably with lease or HP. Please contact us for a rental quote from 1 to 4 years.

Hiring is a short to medium term solution when vehicles are required for a specific event, application or contract period. Anything from one day to several months.


For a HIRE quote please provide the following information:

Name of business or organisation wishing to hire vehicle(s):

Suburb or location where the vehicle(s) will be used:

Type of event or intended usage:

Number of vehicles required:

Type of vehicle(s) required:

Date needed:

Number of days needed:

Collection method: Vehicle deliveredPick up vehicle


Golf Cart Group have over 15 years’ experience hiring and renting golf cart based electric vehicles for use in events and applications as wide and varied as equestrian, motor racing, movies and arts, food and wine festivals and music concerts. We also supply rental vehicles to airports and airlines.

A and B grade carts

A Grade vehicles are new and near-new current model Ford vehicles in excellent condition. Ideal for corporate events when image and presentation are important.

B Grade vehicles can be up to 8 years old with some signs of wear and tear. B Grade carts are well maintained and kept in a presentable condition but are not recommended for corporate events where image and presentation are important.

Hire rates

Golf Cart Hire rates differ depending on model and grade of vehicle and the hire term.

Casual single day hire rates range from $59 through $129. Significant discounts kick in at 7 days, one month and 3 months.

Delivery or pickup

We can arrange delivery and pickup at cost. We have also recently introduced a trailer vehicle bundle package so customers with the appropriate vehicle fitted with a tow bar can pick up a vehicle.

Presently we only offer short term hire to customers in greater Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle. Customers outside these areas are welcome to contact us as we have strong relationships with quality businesses in many parts of Australia. We are pleased to recommend reputable suppliers covering many parts of mainland Australia.

Or contact Kennards Girraween Sydney, or click here to contact Kennards Hire.

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